1.) How to search for available villas on Larus’s webpage?

When on the homepage of Larus’s, click on the calendar section on the left side, just under “When”. Click on “Where”, choose your preferred location and choose the number of nights. Please note that most of the villas in our offer can be booked only Saturday to Saturday (7 nights). Click on the search image (magnifier). On the next page you will get a list of available villas. You change your preferences in search by adding the number of bedrooms and/or “pet friendly”. Refresh search one more time. Once you get a list of available villas within your preferred criteria and in your requested period, take your time to read the description, check the prices and take a closer look at the pictures and location of each villa. If you will have any further questions, you can contact us, Larus.

2.) We really like this villa. Could you please hold for us the period until we buy plane tickets and discuss it with friends with us?

Book the villa you like when you are ready. Unfortunately options cannot be held. In order to book a villa, a down payment of 50% is required. We hope that the villa will be still available when you all make the final decision.

3.) On the villa’s webpage is listed that the villa is for 12 guests. It is 13 of us. Is it possible to accommodate 13 guests?

Unfortunately no. Each villa has a permit for rental issued by the state that states the maximum number of guests allowed. For example, a particular villa is registered with the tourist board for a maximum of 12 guests. In case of an inspection and bigger number of guests, the owner would risk a big fine, getting the house closed down and your vacation would be ruined. So, unfortunately in all of our villas, a number of guests higher than the listed maximum of guests (children included) is legally not allowed. One infant up to one year old is not included in the guests’ count.

4.) On the villa’s webpage is listed that the villa is for 10 guests. It is only 4 of us. Can we get some discount?

Unfortunately no. The villas are booked for a specific period and up to the maximum capacity of the villa. No matter if the villa is booked by one person or by the maximum number of guests, the price remains the same. Larus is not selling the extra capacity to other guests during your stay and this would be a huge loss for the owner.

5.) How can I know if a villa allows pets?

If the villa is pet friendly, within suitability it will be listed that the pets are welcome and under which conditions. If on the homepage of the villa is not shown that pets are considered, the villa is not pet friendly.

6.) What is the minimum stay in the villas?

On the webpage of each villa underneath the booking calendar is listed the minimum nights’ stay, periods and prices. The minimum nights’ stay depends on the booking period.

7.) Is the booking calendar on Larus’s website always updated?

Yes, the booking calendar on the Larus’s official webpage is always updated. Villas in our offer can be booked anytime by anyone directly on the villa’s homepage. As soon as someone books a period, it is marked gray, no longer available and automatically updated.

8.) How to book a specific villa?

Once you are on the homepage of a particular villa, go to the booking calendar. All periods marked green are available, all periods marked gray are already booked. Below you can check the prices for each rental period. Click on the booking calendar on the preferred date of arrival. Automatically, the period will be marked green, you will be able to choose the length of your stay, and down at web page will show summary and You can click on “Inquiry Now” in the small blue window. This will lead you to the next page. Here you can check the following information one more time: price, arrival date, departure date, maximum number of guests, and number of nights. Then enter the requested information and details. Make sure you leave a valid email address and a phone number with dialing code. If the villa is pet friendly, an additional cleaning charge per pet per week will be added to the full amount if you are coming with your pet. Click on “Send Inquiry”. We will send You replay as soon as possible.  To secure your reservation, we require a 50% down payment.

9.) I have booked a villa and chosen bank transfer as my payment method. I received an email in which is stated I have to confirm booking which I did not do. In the meantime the period is no longer available and the villa was booked by someone else. How is this possible?

If you have selected a bank transfer for the down payment you will receive an email with all the details of your booking and instructions on how to proceed. To finalize the reservation you are required to follow the instructions in the email and confirm your reservation. After that you will receive payment details. You are required to make the payment in the next few days so we receive it in 3 working days. In case that the payment is not made within 3 days from the reservation day, the Rental contract is deemed terminated, and LARUS is authorized to conclude a new Rental contract with another guest, without a special notice to the guest.

10.) How can I be sure that I have booked the preferred villa in my requested period?

In order to book a villa, you need to go online, either directly to the villa’s webpage or via the link from the offer sent to you. As soon as you have completed the booking procedure successfully, within a couple of moments a booking confirmation will be sent to you by email, with all information regarding your booking. Check your spam/junk folder. Sometimes it can happen that your email account recognizes these as spam/junk emails. Please read this confirmation carefully.

11.) How and when is the rest payment to be paid?

The rest payment (50% of the agreed accommodation price) can be payed in cash in EUR on arrival at house directly to owner or it can be made no later than 30 days before arrival by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. For payments by credit, debit cards and PayPal you will receive an email with a link for rest payment, which will be due immediately. Please note that if you use your credit, debit card or PayPal for the down payment, on advance amount we will add 3,5 % of advance amount to cover transaction fee. If you have chosen bank transfer as payment method, the payment will also be due 30 days before your arrival, but you will receive an email a couple of days in advance, as a reminder with data for bank transfer. Please inform us what payment method You prefer. If not the rest payment (50% of the agreed accommodation price) is to be payed in cash in EUR on arrival at house directly to owner. Rest payment in cash on arrival has to be made when receiving the key.

12.) In the sent offer that you sent me is stated that a down payment is required. What does this mean?

In order to book a villa, a down payment of 50 % is required. Just click on the link from the offer. Once the booking procedure is completed and a down payment of 50 % is paid, you will receive an email with booking confirmation and all details regarding you booking.

13.) In the sent offer is stated that a deposit is required. What does this mean?

The amount depends on the villa and it is listed on the webpage of each villa in EUR. The host returns the refundable damage security deposit to the guests on departure in case no damage occurs.

14.) When will we get the villa’s address?

As soon as you have completed the booking procedure successfully, within a couple of moments you will receive a booking confirmation via email, with all information regarding your booking (the villa’s address will be listed as well). On the webpage of each villa you can click on the location. You can see where the villa is located and get an impression of the area via satellite view. For security reasons it is not possible to provide the exact address details in advance, only once the villa is booked.

15.) We are several families in the traveling group. Can we split costs so that each family pays separately?

Unfortunately, splitting either the down payment (50%) is not accepted by Larus. If you decide to split the costs of the payment, please collect the money in advance from your parties and then pay the full amount to Larus from just one account in just one payment.

16.) I have booked one villa with my Larus. Is it possible to change this villa to another one?

Unfortunately no. Villas in the offer of Larus do not have the same owner. Owners are various physical persons or legal entities. Larus has issued an invoice at the reservation, the tax is paid and the money is paid to the owner so unfortunately a change of the villa is not possible.

17.) Can I change the payment method for rest payment?

Yes, it is possible. If you would like to change the payment method for the rest payment (50%), please contact Larus per email and we will change it.

18.) I booked a villa. When will I receive the invoice?

Upon your arrival to the villa, the owner will issue an invoice for the full amount of your stay, as Larus, the agency, works on behalf and for the owner’s account.


1.) It is stated that the earliest check-in is at 3 p.m. We are traveling with a small baby the whole night. Is an earlier check-in possible?

Unfortunately no. The earliest check in is foreseen for 3 p.m. There is the cleaning and gardening service scheduled for the morning before the arrival of new guests so you cannot check in before 3 p.m. The house and the garden have to be cleaned and prepared for you since the previous guests are leaving at 10 a.m. The properties are big and it takes time to do it properly.

2.) It is stated that the latest check-out is at 10 a.m. Our flight back is late in the evening. Is it possible to stay longer in the villa?

Unfortunately no. The latest check-out is foreseen for 10 a.m. There is the cleaning and gardening service scheduled between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. before the arrival of new guests. The properties are big and it takes time to do it properly so unfortunately you cannot stay longer in the villa.

3.) Although the earliest possible check-in is at 3 p.m., can I leave the luggage at the property before check-in?

Unfortunately no. Between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. cleaning and gardening service is scheduled, so unfortunately you cannot leave your luggage in the villa before 3 p.m. Neither the owner nor Larus, the agency, can take responsibility for it.

4.) Larus took note in my reservation regarding my approximate arrival time. There are problems on the road, my flight was delayed, I will arrive 3 hours later, whom should I inform?

In case of problems on the road or big delays please call or text your host. Your host’s number can be found in the “arrival information” email. Although Larus made a note of your approximate arrival time in your reservation, please contact your host one hour prior to your arrival so that the host can come to the villa, welcome you there, give you the key and show you around.

5.) Do I have to give my passport or my ID to the host at arrival to the villa?

Yes. For your stay in our villas, a valid passport or identification document for each guest is required. At the arrival in the villa, the host will collect your documents and give them back to you because he/she has to register you and members of your party at the tourist office. Tourist tax is already included in the price. Furthermore, one of those documents is required when crossing the boarder. Although Croatia is a member of the EU, it is not part of the Schengen Zone.